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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Illinois' Firearm Deer Season Shows Decrease During First Season

Each year thousands of Illinoisans head to the fields in hopes of capturing a whitetail in the cross-hairs of their shotguns.  This year, there were wide spread reports of success in the field but the first season firearm harvest numbers show otherwise.  Many factors played into the decline of 3,087 deer during first firearm season including high winds and rain on Saturday.  However, these numbers could have fooled some of the orange army.   Mark Stewart of Braidwood traveled to Southern Illinois for first firearm season.  "We heard over 230 shots by 8:30 opening day in Hardin County and the last I heard was mine at 10:00 AM"

Northern Illinois counties where chronic wasting disease (CWD) is prevalent hunters who harvest a deer are required to register them during firearm season by taking them to a check station between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Biologists will be present to take CWD samples for testing at the time of registration. Testing is voluntary, but all hunters with adult deer are encouraged to participate.   We have video from a CWD Check Station where they were taking samples provided by our pro staffer Rick.  Watch the video here.

Heather got herself a nice mature doe during firearm season.
Nice Going!
For some reason this weeks numbers do not have the breakdown of buck to doe ratio.  Below you'll see the numbers from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

IDNR Reminds Hunters of Safety, Shotgun, and CWD Samplings

Please pay special attention to this press release from the IDNR.

Illinois DNR Reminds Hunters to Make Safety a Priority

Most hunting incidents involve tree stands

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Firearm Deer Season opens with the first weekend of firearm hunting on Nov. 17-19, and hunters in Illinois are reminded to make safety their top priority throughout all of Illinois’ busiest hunting seasons.

“This is prime time for hunting in Illinois, and the best way to enjoy an autumn or winter day in the field, in a blind, or in a tree stand is to make sure you’re hunting safely,” said Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Director Wayne Rosenthal.