Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Gives FYI to Lake DePue Waterfowl Hunters

The unofficial start to waterfowl season is just around the corner and whether you'll be shooting clays, hitting the fields for some dove or just getting the grill ready for a long day at blind drawings, it's coming.  Are you attending the drawing at Lake DePue?  If so, this post is for you!  The IDNR is passing along an FYI to those of you who are hunting or plan to hunt Lake DePue State Fish and Wildife Area.  "Due to infrastructure damage at the site, boat access to waterfowl blinds cannot be guaranteed for the 2018 - 2019 waterfowl season".   Interested in attending another drawing?  Check out the 2018 Waterfowl Blind Drawings across the state.

IDNR Alerts Hunters to Ongoing Maintenance Issues at Lake DePue

Access to waterfowl blind sites may not be possible

There's nothing like enjoying a sunrise in the waterfowl blind with some coffee.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Illinois Department of Natural Resources host Bowfishing Tournament July 21

Bowfishing, like so much of the fishing industry, is picking up speed across the country. Much of this increase is due to the invasive species Asian Carp.  Asian carp have been around for quite some time battling their way into our ecosystem. This past year there has been some national attention from professional bass anglers, and politicians like Illinois Lt. Governor and Congressman Adam Kinzinger.  However, the idea to fight and push back against this invasive species is still up for debate due to the increasing cost.  

As some of you know the IDNR has hired commercial fishermen to help dent the population in Northern Illinois along the Dredsend Dam.  But what about the rest of the state?  The IDNR is hosting a Bowfishing Tournament at Wood Duck Marina near Baldwin, Illinois.  This is sure to be a great time and fun for the whole family.  Check the full press release below for price and more information on the tournament.  

Kaskaskia River Rough Fish Roundup Bowfishing

Tournament Planned for July 21

Friday, June 22, 2018

QUACK QUACK... IDNR Releases Dates for and Locations for Waterfowl Blind Drawings

North cool breeze is on the horizon.  It may not seem like it now but, to a public land waterfowl hunter this is the time of year where the blood starts to pump.  It's the first step to those cooler days and waterfowl locked up in your face.  Each year the IDNR draws blinds for  public waterfowl hunting.  There are a few days, so try your luck at multiple locations.  Bring the family it's a good time to cook out have some laugh and hope the odds are in your favor.  In bold you'll see some of the crucial information you'll need in order to qualify for the drawings.  

IDNR Announces Schedule of Waterfowl Blind Site Drawings

Drawings to be held for public hunting area waterfowl blind sites