Saturday, February 24, 2018

IDNR to Hold Wingshooting Clincs at Jim Edgar Panther Creek

While many of us are thinking about flipping logs or holding a stringer of crappie the IDNR has will been thinking of ways to get wingshooters outside.  This spring and summer the IDNR will be holding two wingshooting clinics at Jim Edgar Panther Creek.  These two events cover the wide range of shooting skill levels.  Below you'll find some information regarding these two events.

There are two IDNR Wingshooting Clinics scheduled at the Jim Edgar Panther Creek (JEPC) SF&WA this spring and early summer. The first is a Hunters Wingshooting Clinic on Saturday and Sunday, April 7-8th. The registration instructions and forms for this clinic can be accessed on the IDNR Wingshooting Website located on the internet at:

Monday, February 19, 2018

Illinois 100th General Assembly Hunting and Fishing Related Legislation 2018

The second year of the 100th GA has begun with legislators filing new bills left and right.  Below you will see a list of all the new pieces of legislation related to hunting and fishing.

Governor Rauner Releases Proposed Fiscal Year 2019 Illinois Department of Natural Resource Budget

Bills filed in 2018
HB 4231 - Blaze Pink Clothing - Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4487 - Funding State Parks through Lottery Game - Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4585-ROCK RIVER-CATFISH- Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4592 -$DNR-SNOWMOBILES- Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4714 - Deer Hunting - Air Guns - Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4759 - Wildlife - Duck Blind or Pit - Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4783 and SB 2663 - Wildlife - Youth Hunt/Trap - Illinois 100th General Assembly

Saturday, February 17, 2018

HB 5440 - WILDLIFE-YOUTH HUNTING -Illinois 100th GA

House Sponsors
Rep. Charles Meier

Filed: HB 5440 on 2/15/2018

Synopsis As Introduced:

Amends the Wildlife Code. Provides that the fees for a youth resident and non-resident archery deer permit shall be the same. Provides that a resident or non-resident youth under age 18 (rather than only resident youth) may apply to the Department of Natural Resources for a Youth Hunting License and Youth Trapping License.

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