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Oh My - Wolf found in Northern Illinois

Last year Capitol Outdoors went to Conservation Congress where they had a session about APEX predators.  It was a lively and educational discussion.  The Illinois Department of Natural Resources biologist briefed the group on the historical roaming lands for these animals.

At the same time there was a bill in the Illinois General Assembly to protect these animals.  This bill past the GA and was signed into law by Governor Pat Quinn.

You can watch the APEX discussion here:   Apex Predators in Illinois: Now and in the Future

The wolf like creature was found dead outside Morris, Illinois 
This past Friday (February 13, 2015) a father and son were driving down the road when they came  across this 43 inch long wolf like body.  The wolf like creature was found just north of I-80 in Grundy County.  The carcass is currently in the possession of the IDNR to undergo testing to determine it's species and cause of death.  

Will Illinois start seeing more wolves, bears and cougars?  

The past 5 years there has been an increasing number of APEX predators in  Illinois. Cougars have been spotted in several central and southern counties and even up in Whiteside County, a bear was spotted in DeKalb County.  And now this possible wolf?  

This is just the beginning.  As these animals start increasing in numbers, so will their visibility, it's inevitable.  Remember these are wild animals not pets.  If you see one, do not approach it!  If you must take a picture make sure to have a safe distance between you and the animal.