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5 Preparations and Tips for Ice Fishing

5 Preparations and Tips for Ice Fishing

As outdoors men and women there really is no off season, there's always something to be doing outdoors.  As pheasant, deer and waterfowl season winds down you might be asking, what's next?  How many fishing and hunting shows can you go to before you start getting that itch again to be outside.

Well, you're in luck.  Ice fishing is right around the corner.  It's better to get prepared during those weeks leading up to first ice.  Here are just a few things that we recommend you look at before you head out on the ice this winter.

1. Auger - Make sure your auger is in good condition and those blades are sharp.  It can be a long day with dull blades.  If you have a gas powered auger, be sure to replace last years gas with fresh gas.  Be sure it starts before you head out.

2. Fishing line - It's always good to redo your fishing line each season.  Remember monofilament and flouracarbon line have a high memory so your line will be very curly this year. Also, old line can have nicks and kinks in it, leaving to great difficulties with your jig.

3. Rod, Reels and Tip-ups - Check those eyes on your rods and identify the ones with sharp edges to avoid putting nicks in your line while catching that pig.  Reels can have mishaps as well.  Check to make sure they are working properly and give them a quick tune up.  Use some synthetic grease on those gears.  This will allow the reel to work when that temperature drops.  Do the same with your tip-ups and double check them.

4. Tackle - This is important because you may not remember what you have or used last year.  Also, ice-fishing is very delicate.  You can be fishing right next to someone catching fish left and right and the only difference is the color in your jig.  So stock up on some jigs and other tackle.

5. Shanty (if you have one) - Again, just make sure your shanty is in good condition.  Patch up any of the holes.  Also, with enough time you may be able to make modifications to your shanty allowing for easier and more efficient fishing.

These are just a few things that we feel can help you prepare.  Please leave a comment if you have any recommendations.  Remember when you are out on the ice, be careful.  Good luck and stay safe.