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Six Essential Items Every Waterfowl Hunter should have in their blind bag.

This weekend is our Opening Day and before you head out you need to make sure you have these essentials in your blind bag. You do not want to have a moment where you are out in the field; realize that you forgot to check your blind bag and something is missing. A blind bag has some unique things to every hunter, however we feel that these few things should be in everyone’s.

Here are a few things that we always keep in our blind bag:

1. First Aid Kit - to mend those scrapes, cuts and bruises that we know will eventually happen 

2. Extra Hat & Gloves- just in case the pair you are wearing gets lost, wet,  and muddy.

3. Knife or Leatherman - Better to have one and not need it and need it and not have it. 

4. Flash Light - There are hat lights and the million watt lights. Any light is better than no light when its          4:30 A.M. 

5. Snacks/Water - When putting out decoys and chasing down birds you and your pup will get tired and dehydrated. Bring some snack and water along to keep your energy up. 

6. Binoculars - Waterfowl hunting is more than shooting birds. It’s a life style. I can’t count how many times we’ve used Binoculars to see hawks, minks, and waterfowl. Remember: First Identify and then Shoot. 

If we could only bring six items with us with the exception of ammo, gun and decoys these are our six. What do you find are the most essential items in your blind bag?

Good Luck and Stay Safe