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Monday, July 22, 2019

IDNR Advisory Board Violates Open Meetings Act

NRAB Board Meeting
Today political parties differ on nearly every issue, but there is one thing that is more American than anything. It is the idea that citizens can get involved in their government. And while these political differences have divided our country, we have to remember to hold our representatives and those that work on behalf of the people accountable for their actions or lack of, regardless of political party.

As many of you know, I have been involved with the IDNR since Director Miller under Governor Quinn and after attending these meetings over several years I have seen a lack of transparency and violations of the Open Meetings Act. This has been an ongoing issue with this board. According to the minutes from January 2018, George Sisk, Legal Counsel for DNR stated when discussing another possible Open Meetings Act violtion that, “The Open Meeting Act’s main purpose is to provide transparency when it comes to governmental operations and we must error on the side of caution when it comes to complying with OMA.”

I am by no means, a lawyer, a scholar, or a politician, I am a citizen of Illinois, a hunter, angler and outdoor enthusiasts. I started Capitol Outdoors to make sure that people like you had the insight and transparency of their government.

I am here to hold this board accountable for what I believe is a continued violation of the Open Meetings Act.

According to Section 2.02 (a) of the Open Meetings Act:
An agenda for each regular meeting shall be posted at the principal office of the public body and at the location where the meeting is to be held at least 48 hours in advance of the holding of the meeting. A public body that has a website that the full-time staff of the public body maintains shall also post on its website the agenda of any regular meetings of the governing body of that public body.
As of 7:47 am this morning the NRAB website was not updated with today’s agenda. I believe this is a clear violation of the Open Meetings Act. This is not the first time that this has happened and as a member of the public how am I supposed to prepare to educate my audience of issues pertaining to this quarter’s meeting when I have no idea what is on the agenda. And in all the meetings I have attended, I have never once received a printed copy of the agenda so this time wouldn’t be any different.

Another issue related to the Open Meetings act are the minutes.

The only record that the general public has been able to see related to the activity of this advisory board over the last year has been the recordings and accounts by Capitol Outdoors. As you can see from the image above, the last minutes posted were from July 30, 2018.

According to Section 2.06 (b) of the Open Meetings Act:
The minutes of meetings open to the public shall be available for public inspection within 10 days after the approval of such minutes by the public body. Beginning July 1, 2006, at the time it complies with the other requirements of this subsection, a public body that has a website that the full-time staff of the public body maintains shall post the minutes of a regular meeting of its governing body open to the public on the public body's website within 10 days after the approval of the minutes by the public body.
I advise this board to get their head out of the gutter, and start holding themselves accountable.  We must ask the question, is the IDNR and this board Communicating, Collaborating and Connecting with the public or is it business as usual?

Tune in to today’s NRAB meeting via our FB page unfortunately we don't know what will be discussed due to lack of agenda.

If you are unfamiliar with NRAB you can read a previous article of ours explaining the purpose of the board.

Monday, February 25, 2019


Press Release from Pheasants & Quail Forever
Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic presented by Federal Premium Ammunition drew 22,387 weekend attendees to the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center, the event’s inaugural run in Chicagoland. At the nation’s biggest gathering of upland wildlife conservationists, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced his department’s intention to hold upcoming signups for the federal Conservation Reserve Program, the country’s signature pheasant and quail habitat creator.

Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic 2019 (photo courtesy: Capitol Outdoors)

Friday, February 15, 2019

Constitutional Amendment Guaranteeing the Right to Hunt & Fish Filed in Illinois

Each year thousands of bills and resolutions get filed in Illinois to become law.  Most of these bills get stuck in committee and never really gain any traction.  Bills, however, that have legislator support, constituent support or are overall popular, usually end up seeing movement.  However, popularity doesn't always stem from within the state and outside influence can also start the avalanche of support for a particular bill.  Let's take a look at one of the most recent House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment.

Friday, February 1, 2019


Sen. Iris Y. Martinez
Filed: SB0201 on 1/30/19

Synopsis As Introduced:
Amends the Wildlife Code. Provides that nontoxic ammunition, as certified by the Department of Natural Resources, shall be required when taking all wildlife, including game mammals, game birds, non-game birds, and non-game mammals with any firearm. Provides that the Department shall adopt by rule a public process to certify ammunition as nontoxic ammunition and shall define, by rule, nontoxic ammunition to include only ammunition in which there is no lead content, excluding the presence of trace elements of lead. Provides that to the extent that funding is available, the Department shall establish a process that provides hunters with nontoxic ammunition at no or reduced charge. Grants rulemaking authority to the Department. Provides for penalties. Makes other changes.

Last Actions:

    Monday, January 28, 2019

    Over 150,000 Harvested Deer during 2018-2019 Seasons

    That's a wrap for the 2018 - 2019 deer season.  Below you'll see the preliminary harvest numbers and information provided by the IDNR.  I would like to thank all those that contributed their pictures of their harvest.  

    Illinois 2018-19 Deer Hunting Seasons Result in Preliminary Harvest of 151,577 Deer

    SPRINGFIELD, IL – Hunters in Illinois harvested a preliminary total of 151,577 deer during all 2018-19 archery and firearm seasons, which concluded on Jan. 20. The total preliminary deer harvest for all seasons compares with a total harvest for all seasons of 147,695 deer in 2017-18.

    During the 2018-19 deer seasons, hunters took 45 percent does and 55 percent males.

    Thursday, January 3, 2019

    Late Season Archery Harvest Numbers

    Deer harvest totals stayed up the majority of the 2018 - 2019 season with 60% of the 57,237 taken by compound bow and 39% harvested by crossbows.  While there is still a time to fill those tags, hunters during last weeks harvest shot 75% does.  

    Kellie with her mature buck from Macoupin County.  It scored 160 7/9.  Big congrats to Kellie on her harvest!
    Through Tuesday, January 1, 2019, Illinois archery deer hunters harvested a preliminary total of 57,237 deer, compared to 55,599 for the same period in the 2017-18 season.

    New Years Newsbits January 2019

    Illinois DNR Newsbits – January 2019

    Wednesday, January 2, 2019

    Hunting Days Added to the Controlled Pheasant Season at Four IDNR Sites

    Hunting Days Added to the Controlled Pheasant Season at Four IDNR Sites

    SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is extending Controlled Pheasant Hunting seasons at four IDNR sites. Hunters can make reservations now for additional hunting opportunities.

    Wednesday, December 12, 2018

    Pheasant Hunters Will See Quotas Increase at Jim Edgar Panther Creek

    It was just last week that I was fortunate enough to take a friend out hunting for his first pheasant hunt.  The action was great and of course there were a lot of laughs.  

    Below you'll see a press release that a Illinois Department of Natural Resources State Wildlife Site will be increasing their quotas.  

    Hurry spots will fill up fast.

    Controlled Pheasant Hunting Hunter Quotas Increased at Jim Edgar Panther Creek SFWA

    The Illinois Department of Natural Resources today announced that the daily hunter quotas have been increased on the Controlled Pheasant Hunting Unit at the Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area in Cass Co. through the close of the hunting season on Sunday, January 13, 2019. Additional pheasants will be released at the site because of the hunter quota increase.

    Linc on his last pheasant hunt spooked up all four of our birds.  

    Hunters are encouraged to use the online Controlled Pheasant Hunting Reservation System at to secure permits. Reserved Permits ensure hunters will have the opportunity to hunt and further, ensure that the correct number of pheasants are released for each hunter trip. Standby Permits are also available for each hunt date, although standby hunting opportunities are limited.

    To access the reservation system:

    Click on "Hunt/Trap" on the IDNR Home Page
    Then click on "Upland Game"
    Then click on "Controlled Pheasant Hunting Permits, Hunting Areas, Regs, etc."

    Hunters are reminded that the daily permit fee for the controlled pheasant program is $30 for resident hunters and $35 for nonresident hunters. The daily permit fee applies to each hunter. Daily permit fees are collected during the on-line application process for Reserved Permits or at the site hunter check station for Standby Permit hunters.

    Completing a permit reservation online takes less than five minutes.

    For complete details, check the controlled pheasant hunting website at

    Tuesday, December 11, 2018

    Preliminary Deer Harvest Totals from Illinois Muzzleloader-only Season

    Check out this weeks preliminary numbers of the Illinois Muzzleloader-only Season. 


    Illinois deer hunters harvested a preliminary total of 3,863 deer during the 2018 muzzleloading rifle deer season (Dec. 7-9), compared to 3,765 in 2017.

    Harvest sex ratios were 56% does and 44% males (2172:1691).

    The top five counties for muzzleloader season harvest were Pike (164), Randolph (132), Adams (129), Hancock (109), and Fulton (99).

    Check out County by County numbers.  

    Wednesday, December 5, 2018

    Hunters Harvest A Total of 80,896 Deer During the 2018 Illinois Firearm Season

    State Representative Jerry Costello II with a nice buck

    Firearm deer season has come to an end.  Muzzleloader only is this coming weekend.  If you harvest a deer this weekend, send in your photos to and you could be featured in next week's numbers.

    Tuesday, December 4, 2018

    Young Hunters Can Register Now for Central Illinois Youth Goose Hunt

    Young Hunters Can Register Now for Central Illinois Youth Goose Hunt

    Annual Youth Hunt is January 20-21, 2019 in Fulton County

    Tyler and his dog Kimber on a successful early season goose hunt.
    SPRINGFIELD, IL – Youth interested in participating in the annual Central Illinois Youth Goose Hunt, sponsored by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), may register now for the hunt scheduled for January 20-21, 2019.

    December 2018 IDNR Newsbits

    Here is the list of event dates and reminders from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources:

    IDNR Newsbits - December 2018

    Archery Deer and Fall Turkey Permits: Illinois Archery Deer and Illinois Archery Fall Turkey seasons are open through Jan. 20, 2019. Permits are available over-the-counter at DNR Direct license and permit vendors. Find a vendor near you at this link:

    Thursday, November 29, 2018

    Spring Illinois Recreational Access Program Turkey Applications Out

    Here at Capitol Outdoors, we say this a lot, it's that time of year again!  Yep, it's that time of year again, to apply for the turkey hunting on Illinois Recreational Access Program participants land.  Below you'll see the dates, information and how to's of applying for the IRAP hunting opportunities.

    Have you ever said to yourself, I wish I had some private land to hunt on?  Well, that's what this is!  IRAP works with landowners, that have specific regulations to help make the best habitat for wildlife, and opens their land up for hunters.  Success rates are high and hunting is fierce.  

    IDNR Offers 2019 Spring Turkey Hunting on Private Property Through the IRAP Public Access Program

    Youth Hunters and Adult Hunters Can Apply Today

    Wednesday, November 28, 2018

    Archery Deer Numbers Still Up After First Firearm Season

    Archery deer hunters are back in the stand after last weeks First Firearm Season.  Numbers are still up and some big bucks are being taken this year.  Buck consist of 54% of the harvest but have "Dropped significantly during the past seven days compared to previous weeks".   I'm excited to see how the numbers during the second firearm season will compare.  Please send your pictures in and share them with the Capitol Outdoors community.

    Rick with a big 9 pointer during the 2018 first firearm season.

    Monday, November 26, 2018

    First Season of Shotgun Deer Totals Up

    Hunters in Illinois harvested a preliminary total of 58,836 deer during the first weekend of the Illinois Firearm Deer Season on Nov. 16-18. Hunters took 51,450 deer during the first firearm weekend in 2017.

    Friday, November 16, 2018

    2018 Black Friday Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Ads

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    A livewell equipped with the V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System allows you to weigh-in with confidence, avoid penalties and dramatically reduce the risk of stress-delayed-mortality after the release.

    This product really helped keep our fish alive this summer. 

    There is nothing like fishing in some of the shadows of some of Chicago's biggest skyscrapers.  Be sure and check out Pat Harrison Outdoors

    Pat Harrison is a full-time licensed fishing guide, United States Coast Guard licensed charter captain, and influential angler from Northern Illinois. A resident of Northwest Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, Harrison has over 38 years worth of angling experience, with 9 seasons of guiding under his belt. After taking courses and undergoing certification, Pat became a USCG certified captain 3 years ago.

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    Ad won't be released until Nov. 22nd

    Happy Sale Hunting! 

    Tuesday, November 13, 2018

    Round 6 of Archery Harvest Numbers Show Bucks in the Rut

    That cold front that pushed through last week showed in this weeks archery harvest numbers.  Harvest numbers are still up for the year and the ratio doe vs buck are slowly starting to switching for the season.  66% of deer taking this week were bucks. As the orange army takes the field this week, will that ratio finally switch over to more buck harvested for the season?  The Illinois Department of Natural Resources sent out a reminder on Firearm Safety and CWD Check-in Stations.   

    IDNR Reminds Hunters of CWD Check-ins, Firearm Safety and more for Upcoming Season

    Below you'll see a press release from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources about CWD check-ins, firearm safety and more for the upcoming firearm season.  In addition there are some important links, dates and county information.  Good luck!

    Deer hunters are reminded to focus on safety as the 2018 Illinois Firearm Deer Season opens this week. The seven-day firearm season begins this Friday, Nov. 16 through Sunday, Nov. 18. A second round of firearm deer hunting will be held from Nov. 29-Dec. 2.

    Monday, November 5, 2018

    5th Round of Archery Season Harvest Shows Buck Increase

    The preliminary numbers for the archery harvest totals are out and they are still above from last year, the difference of 682.  The rut is right around the corner, or in some of the circles I've been talking to their seeing bucks chase.  I can believe it, 61% of the harvest in the last 7 days were bucks.   Over all, more does have been harvested but, I think you'll see those numbers change here in the coming weeks.  Also, the orange army is coming.  Below you'll the report from the IDNR along with the county by county numbers. 
    Here you can see two proud Illinois hunters.  Congrats to Gavin and Chase for their harvest!