Saturday, August 18, 2018

Governor Rauner signs two hunting bills on Conservation Day at Illinois State Fair

Governor Signs HB 4231 and HB 5317 into law. 

Springfield, IL -  Today, Governor Rauner signed two hunting related bills into law.  Alongside DNR Director Rosenthal, the Governor signed HB 4231, Blaze Pink Clothing Bill and HB 5317, Wildlife Restiatution Bill.

Governor Rauner talking with IL CPOs
 HB 4231 allows for Blaze Pink Clothing to be worn in addition to Blaze Orange during shotgun deer and upland game seasons.  It is believed that deer can't see blaze pink as well as they can blaze orange and provides another avenue of safety in the field.

HB 4231 becomes effective January 1, 2019.

Governor Rauner also signed  HB 5317, a law that will increase the fine for those who illegally poach.  The fines for these animals have not been increased since 1999.  Theses fine are so low that some people have been know to not buy an out-of-state hunting license and just pay the fine.  This is to combat those who do not abide by hunting laws in the State of Illinois.

HB 5317 is effective immediately.

You can watch the bill signing here.

Capitol Outdoors speaking with Governor Rauner
Many Bicentennial events are taking place next week including the Governor's RT 66 Ride to Springfield.  If you would like to Register and ride down to Springfield with the Governor, click the link below.

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