Sunday, September 29, 2013

High Point C-9

High Point C-9

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution states:

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

As many of you know, my background in government allows me to hear both liberal and conservative talking points. However, I believe nothing but the conservative interpretation of the Second Amendment.  Liberals say that you don't need a 30 round mag or they ask you why you need a 30 round mag?  As long as the guy down the street is allowed or already has one, I want the right to own one.  The real reason is not for hunting, or because I'm allowed too or the guy down the street has a gun. But, our founding fathers put the second amendment in place to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government, but also be able to protect our country and her citizens against invaders such the War of 1812.

The Capitol Outdoorsman's first product review will be on the  Hi-Point C9.  I decided to  buy this firearm in January 2013 once rumors of the federal government's new gun control started brewing.  The 2nd Amendment gives you the right to keep and a bear arms but, of course to keep and bear you must buy that arm.  If any of you are reading this article then you probably have seen the price of hand guns.  They are expensive!

The going rate for a Hi-Point C9 is around 170 dollars.  Depending on where you live this firearm may cost a little more or a little less but, the average is around 170.  The saying goes you get what you pay for.  Not in my opinion.  I feel that this gun is well worth the 170.  

The Hi-Point C9 weighs in at an astounding 29 oz, has a total length of 6.75 inches, and barrel length of 3.5 inches.  It comes with a trigger lock and an eight round magazine.  

If you were about to purchase a firearm, you may go online and do some research.  What does the online community have to say about purchasing a firearm?  Granted, online most of us put on a show and say to buy a $2,000 gun.  You may go to your local gun shop with your top picks and feel them first hand, while asking the retail salesmen some simple question.  If you were to do research on the Hi-Point C9 you would find two different universes on this firearm.  Those that swear by it and those that swear at it.  Knowing the bad reputation the C9 has, I was hesitant about getting it.  I kept doing my research and found that there are only a few problems customers had. Nose diving and feeding issues. I'm on a tight budget and couldn't spend $350 on a gun.  However, I wanted to get one fast because of the government rumors and being able to defend my family. 

When I first took this gun to the range I used ammunition provided to me by Triple R Sports which were reloads.  I expected every other shot to jam.  To my amazement I shot 100 rounds and never had a loading problem or nose diving problem.  It was not until the second time at the range I had problems, I figured this was due to me using different ammo then the first time.  I went back to the reloads and didn't have problems.  Right away, I had to fix the wings and bend them out.   The weight is the only other thing I have a complaint about. 

Bend the wings outward to release preasure on the bullet.  This will help with you jamming and nose diving problems
With the bad comes the good.  With a purchase of any new or used Hi-Point there is always a lifetime warranty.  Hi-Point takes this seriously and provides great customer services that goes with it.  Luckily I have not needed to find out first hand, but after countless hours of research I keep finding the same answer all over the internet. 

It is my opinion that the Hi-Point C9 is a six point buck.  It is a great gun for the price but, there are bigger bucks out there.  Yes, the gun is known for nose diving and feeding issues however with a little patience and a quick tune up, this 9mm firearm will be able to protect you and your family with out breaking your bank.