Sunday, September 29, 2013

Money doesn't grow on trees // Panfishing on a budget

"Panfish, an edible game fish that usually does not outgrow the size of a pan."

Money doesn't grow on trees // Panfishing on a budget

Life seems to always be about what bills are going to get paid and how much money you have in the bank.  With the cost of everything going up I am always looking for ways to cut costs.  One of the areas where we, at Capitol Outdoors, like to search for deals is when it comes to Panfishing.

Panfishing is already a cheap activity in itself.  I mean, once you purchase the fishing license and gather your fishing pole, hooks, bobber and worms you are good to go.  However, with different types of fishing you can have more and more bait options.  This is where the money comes in.  There are so many different things you can go and buy to make your fishing pole the best one on the dock.  But, honestly I wouldn't spend the money, especially for panfishing.

It is not some much the quality of the product that we look for when we panfishing, it's how much we can get for our dollar.  It doesn't matter if you decide to use spinners, jigs, small crankbaits, worms etc.  We are thinking about how many we can get for our money, because honestly you don't know if you are going to lose it or not.

So, shop around, look at the superstores like Walmart, Kmart, Meijer.  Although they won't have what some consider quality products they do have some good deals when you are fishing on a budget.  And remember when you are looking at these stores to keep in mind some other things you might need for your other outdoors activities.  For example, right now is a great time to start looking for Hunting Gear since we are not in Hunting season and items are on clearance.  Money doesn't grow on trees, so keep your eye out for deals where ever you are.

Keep it Simple, Enjoy the Outdoors,