Thursday, February 20, 2014

Illinois DNR Investigations (HB5894) *Updated (4/12/14 7:00pm)

Date Filed: 2/14/14 
By: Representative Jim Durkin
Status:Referred to Senate Assignments
HCA #1 Filed and Adopted. 
Bill Passes Committee as Amended 016-000-000
Floor Amendment #3 has been filed. 
Floor Amendment #3 Recommended to Floor from Rules 
Floor Amendment #3 Adopted by House
Third Reading - Short Debate - Passed 102-005-000

Amends the Wildlife Code. Provides that all authorized employees of the Department of Natural Resources are empowered to enter all public lands and waters (was previously all lands and waters) to enforce the provisions of the Act. Provides that authorized employees are empowered to examine all buildings used by commercial entities as private or public clubs (except dwellings), fish markets, cold storage houses, locker plants, camps, vessels, cars (except sealed railroad cars or other sealed common carrier), conveyances, vehicles, watercraft or other means of transportation or shipping whatsoever, tents, game bags, game coats or other receptacles, and to open and examine any box, barrel, package, or other receptacle in the possession of a common carrier, which they have reason to believe contains wild birds or any part thereof (their nests or eggs), or wild mammals or any part thereof, taken, destroyed, bought, sold or bartered, shipped, or held in possession contrary to any of the provisions of the Act. Provides that no employee of the Department shall enter any private land, question an individual, or make any examinations without probable cause, a valid warrant, or permission. Effective immediately.

More information and entire Bill here.