Sunday, March 16, 2014

Capitol Happenings for the Week of 3/17/13

Session is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.  

*denotes that legislation can be heard in committee this week
New Legislation:
*Illinois Hunting and Fishing License Fees- Over 75 years of Age (HB4329)
*Illinois Lion's Meat Act (HB5386)
*Illinois Water Usage Stamp not required for Inner Tubes (HB5612)
*Illinois Boat Safety (HR770)

Updates on Previous Legislation: 
*Lowers age to apply for FOID card w/o parental consent- (HB3762)
*Bobcat Hunting in Illinois - (HB4226) -Amendment Filed
Illinois Boat Rentals and Safety Video (HB4303)
 *Illinois Changes to Concealed Carry-Places (House Bill 4319)
*Bow and Arrow Definition-Illinois Hunting- (House Bill 4439)
*Taking Illinois Trapped Animals with a .22 CALIBER or smaller rifle (HB 5514) 
*Illinois Hunting Carrying Handguns (HB5605 &SB 3254)
*Illinois DNR Investigations (HB5894)
*Illinois Fox Waterway Dissolution- (SB2696)
*Illinois Protection of Wildlife- (SB3049)
Illinois Changing the Definition of Aquatic Life (SB3333)

Committee Hearings Scheduled for this Week
-Agriculture & Conservation 
March 19, 2014 Stratton Room D-1 2:00pm 
HB4226, HB4329,HB4439,HB5386,HB5514,HB 5612, HR770
See what else is posted for this committee here

March 20, 2014 Stratton Room C-1 8:30AM
HB3762,HB4319, HB5605, HB5894
There are many things posted to be heard in this committee so who knows what they will call this week.     
Check out the list here.

-Agriculture & Conservation
March 19, 2014 Capitol 212 1:00pm
See what else is posted here.

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