Sunday, March 2, 2014

Illinois Boat Rentals and requiring the use of Safety Video (HB4303) *Updated (3/6/14 7:10pm)

Date filed: 2/20/14
By: Representative Wheeler
Status: Placed on Calendar 2nd Reading
Passed 15-0 Agriculture & Conservation

Amends the Boat Registration and Safety Act. Provides that the owner of a boat livery, or his agent or employee, shall not rent a watercraft to a person without requiring that person to watch a boating safety video approved by the Department of Natural Resources. The person renting the watercraft must sign and date a form acknowledging that he or she watched the boating safety video and understood its contents. The owner of the boat livery shall keep these forms on file for one year from the date of the signature, and provide these forms to the Department of Natural Resources for inspection upon request. Requires the Department to provide access to approved boating safety videos to licensed boat liveries.
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