Sunday, March 16, 2014

Illinois Hunting and Fishing License Fees- Over 75 years of Age (HB4329) *Updated (5/29/14 8:00pm)

This Bill will allow any resident over 75 years old and that is enrolled in the Benefits Access Program to receive a sport fishing and hunting license at a reduced fee of $1/ea. 

Update- the Senate removed the part of the bill where it is required for the person over 75 to be enrolled in the Benefit Access Program. 

The Bill has passed both houses and now moves onto the Governor. 

Date Filed: 1/27/14
By: Representative Franks
Status: Passed both Houses 

Senate: Passed Agriculture Committee 5-0
House=Passed 108-001-000Floor Amendment #1 Adopted View that here.
Passed Agriculture & Conservation Committee; 011-002-000

Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Reinserts the provisions of the original bill. Provides that persons over 75 years of age must also be enrolled in the Benefit Access Program with the Department on Aging. Provides that the fee for sport fishing and hunting licenses shall be reduced to $1, rather than waived entirely, for persons over 75 years of age who are enrolled in the Benefit Access Program. Effective immediately.