Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Get the Kids Outdoors

Anyone I talk to remembers always playing outside as a kid.  "Come home when the street lights come on" or "Come home when it gets dark" is what I remember from growing up. Today's generation of children do not play outside as much as generations that came before them.  Recently, while driving home from a fishing trip we spotted two little boys playing in the mud at their home.  It was a great site to see as unfortunately, you never see children playing outside anymore.
Society has subconsciously made children and adults afraid of the outdoors and other people. It seems that many people have this deep feeling that everyone is inherently a bad person before they even meet them instead of the opposite.  Prejudging your neighbors, the guy down the street, the man fishing next to you at the lake will make you go crazy. Believe me, I fall victim to some of this sometimes and I try not to think like that, it seems to be a deep feeling that one can't control, a societal issue that will take awhile to fix.  The news media seems to report more bad things that happen in the world than good because unfortunately more people read 'trauma news' than happy news.  This is something that the next generation will be able to take a stand on, pass down and change. 

 Why is it that we can't have kids play in the backyard without fear of getting abducted? Do you know the names of all your neighbors?  These are questions that get me frustrated.  As we are out and about during the weeknights or even weeknights, it is very rare that we see children outside.  Why is that? Why are they being held inside, to play with their electronics and to watch TV?

 By teaching children about the outdoors and how nature is good for them we as a society will be able to change the perception that being outside is a bad thing. 

The Great Outdoors is an amazing place for a child and you are creating lasting memories for your children. 

The Summer is a great time to educate children about the great things you can do outside. 
Here are some examples of things you can do with your children: 

Those are just some examples of things you can do with children to get them interested in the Outdoors.  You want to make it easy and fun for them so that they want to continue to do it in the future. Make sure that you are teaching them about the outdoors and passing on valuable information as you go through your activities.  Kids will look to you for advice and encouragement. 

Remember Good Luck, Stay Safe and Enjoy the Outdoors.

Capitol Outdoors