Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bass Fishing - Emiquon Nature Conservancy

Bass Fishing - Emiquon Nature Conservancy 

"Today there will be a high of 83 degrees", the weatherman said. We were so excited to get out and do some quality fishing together for the first time this year. Well, what we didn't hear in the weather report was that there were going to strong winds. We packed up a few sodas and some sandwiches; got all the gear into the boat and headed on our way to Emiquon.

"Emiquon once was the jewel of the Illinois River, nurturing diverse and abundant communities of native plants and animals in the complex system of backwater wetlands and lakes. From the hundreds of nearby archeological sites, including Native American villages and ceremonial and burial mounds, to the acres of modern fields of corn and soybeans, this land is a quiet testimony to the abundant natural resources that supported more than 600 generations of civilization in this area." The Nature Conservancy

As we pulled into the parking area there were already a few boats out on the water. As we were unstrapping the boat and preparing to get it launched we notice the nice choppy waters that lay ahead of us. Emiquon is a trolling motor only site, in fact there are some other site regulations. Check them out here: Lake Access Rules.

We decided that the wind was too big a deal for us, we will just hug the shore line. Once we figured out the wind situation, how to get into the wind just right, we started fishing. They were biting right away, the cameras weren't even set up yet when we caught our first. Go figure!

The rest of the day was a constant back and forth between battling the wind and having a great time catching some decent bass.

In case you are wondering spinners were what was working best for us. They all had a twister tail trailer.  Later in the day we switched to a jig tipped with a crawdad and they were hitting that pretty well too. Color didn't seem to matter much. They just wanted the flash in the water.

You should go enjoy some fishing out at Emiquon and if you do, send in some photos and let us know how you do.

Remember Enjoy the Outdoors Good Luck and Stay Safe -
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