Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Quick Reminder for all Illinois Deer Hunters

A Quick Reminder for all Illinois Deer Hunters

Tomorrow thousands of hunters will be taking the field in hopes of harvesting an Illinois deer.  It's easy to let excitement overcome you.  By now though, all preparation is done and now all you're waiting on is that alarm clock to start buzzing.  Whether you're a novice or even a seasoned bow hunter remember these three things.

  • Double and Triple Check all your Gear

    • The last thing you want to do is forget an item like a knife or rope.  Limit the odds of forgetting something by double checking everything.  

  • Don't forget your deer tag and hunting licenses 

    • Forgetting your deer tag or hunting license at home can ruin a great hunt.

  • Enjoy the Hunt

    • Its only the first day of what could become a long hunting season.  Take a moment and enjoy the small things while reminding yourself why you're truly out there.  
During your hunting season don't forget to send us your photos for our Braggin Board.  The Capitol Outdoors Community wants to share in on your successful hunt.  With all the last minute to do's, we'll leave you with this final thought.  Wear your full body harness, no deer is worth your life.

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