Monday, October 12, 2015

DIY Dog Hunting Box

DIY - Dog Hunting Box

There's nothing like seeing a dog make a retrieve in the midst of the sunrise, a pack of beagals howling as they chase down a rabbit,  or a pointer stopping mid-stride, turning 90 degrees and going on point.  Regardless of what kind of dog you own,  having a well trained dog in the field makes for a more enjoyable hunt and is a great conservation tool.

Reagan and Lincoln are just like your dogs, they're our teammates.  They don't cancel, always ready to go,  keep you warm on those windy and snowy days, and always have a desire to please.
People aren't the only ones that are benefiting form today's technology.  With neoprene vests for duck dogs and booties for upland game dogs, our hunting companions are becoming better than ever.  However, what about that trip to and from the field?  That's where a conversation with my brother Rick started one day.

"I could easily go and buy one online, but they are small and don't have a lot of room for her to lay down.  With, sometimes hours in-between home and the field I want to make sure my dog is comfortable and warm" he said.  That got him thinking, he could make his own dog box.  Something custom made that can fit in the back of his truck and  can fit larger dogs as well.  One weekend he drew up some plans, went out and bought materials to make his own DIY- DOG HUNTING BOX.  Below you'll see a power point with step by step instructions of how to make your own box.   ENJOY!

Have you ever made a Dog Box? If so, comment below and share how it came out!

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Anonymous said...

This is great. I'm going to have to do this next year.