Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bill Filed in Illinois to Include Blaze Pink Clothing during Hunting Season (HB 4337)

Bill Filed in Illinois to Include Blaze Pink Clothing during Hunting Season

Pink is the new orange.

In May of 2015 the hunting world was informed that legislators in Wisconsin introduced a new policy regarding blazed orange requirements.  You see, Wisconsin was the first state to be recognized and have a vote for blaze pink as a legal substitute for blaze orange. While this neighboring bill is sitting in  the Wisconsin State Senate, Illinois will take up this policy measure.

Jerry Costello Jr, Chairman of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee introduced HB 4337.  This bill allows blaze pink to be used along with blaze orange.

What we found so interesting was the reason those Wisconsin legislator supported it.  
The measure will encourage more women to take up hunting, give hunters more clothing options and give apparel manufacturers a boost.
All these above are true but that shouldn't be the main reason for this piece of legislation.  Regardless, this bill should be about increased safety in and around the hunting field.  The idea that more woman, increased clothing options and an economical boost should not be the main factor to this bill. It should just be a by product to the safety factor.

Pink has advantages over orange, according to research by University of Wisconsin-Madison color scientist Majid Sarmadi.

Sarmadi found that humans see pink as well or better than orange and deer do not see pink as well as orange, making blaze pink camouflage a good hunting option.1

Stay with Capitol Outdoors as we continue to track this piece of legislation.

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