Thursday, November 5, 2015

Illinois Upland Game Hunting Clock Dwindling Down

Illinois Upland Game Hunting Clock Dwindling Down

It's the night before the big opener, doesn't matter if its deer, duck or in this case upland game.  You probably wake up every hour counting the time before you can get out of bed and head toward your favorite hunting grounds.

Pheasants, quail, rabbit dates

Deer hunters along with northern and central zone duck hunters already had their nights of reckless sleep.  Its now time for our Upland Game brothers and sisters to have it.  That's right, Saturday begins the Upland Game season.  Pheasant hunters from across the state will be heading to state parks or private grounds chasing pheasants, quail and rabbits with their dogs, buddies and family members.
Safety Blaze Orange

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has the 2015 Status Reports ready for all three species for  those who wish to read it.  Above you'll see the dates and limits information for Illinois.  If you are attending a state site for a controlled release there may also be site specific regulations as well.  IDNR staff will explain rules and regulations prior to releasing people into the field.  If you have a question, just ask, they'll be more then happy to answer it.  
Make sure you have all your required license and permits for the day including the state habitat stamp.  There is nothing worse then driving to the site and finding out your missing something.  Your dog won't get to hunt'em up and they'll be upset. 

Blaze Orange is also extremely important while hunting upland game.  Not only is it the law on state grounds but just plain smart.  Refer to the left for blaze orange clothing requirements.  

Is your deer or waterfowl season not starting out like you planned? Do you want to try upland game hunting? Unfortunately, this being opening weekend there may not be any stand by spots open.  However, there are opportunities across the state to apply for a permit.  On page 32 & 33 of the Illinois Hunting and Trapping Digest 2015 - 2016 Edition tells you everything you wanted to know about both youth and controlled pheasant hunts.

Regardless if you are heading to a preserve, a state site or privately owned land remember to be safe.  It's easy to have an accident after not spooking up a covey for a while.  Rabbit hunters be careful of that dog.  I've heard several stories of people shooting their dog on rabbit hunts.  

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