Sunday, January 10, 2016

The One Thing Every Hunter and Angler Needs!

The One Thing Every Hunter and Angler Needs! 

Every hunter and angler has one, regardless if they are a novice or have been at it for 50 years.  It has become such a part of our successes, we often forget how instrumental it is for our successful days.  It takes hours to prepare but it never seems to add up.  We're talking about "the system."
You know the system?  That OCD us hunters and anglers have when it comes to our gear and accessories. Everything has that spot to maximize our performance and it actually helps keep us safe.  It's all about the arrangements of the rods, oars, guns etc.  Some of you may have a system to help you walk down Navy Pier with all your gear.  Others a specific way you get your boat ready.  The System can be any way you get ready.

What's our system you ask? Well, we have many different systems.  We have one for our ice fishing gear, our boat, our fishing tackle, our decoys etc.  By having the system it makes us more efficient.  Not just in the field but knowing what gear we have and need.  That's why we are always keeping an ongoing list of items and projects we're working on.

How does your system compare?  In our opinion the best part of a system is adjusting it to match your needs.  Ice fishing anglers are great at this.  They buy a shanty and modify or (MOD) it to help them have a more enjoyable experience out on the ice.

What's your system? Remember its your system and there's no right or wrong way.  Share your system and modifications so we all can learn.

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