Sunday, February 7, 2016

Eagle Day Festivities

Eagle Day Festivities 

For outdoor enthusiasts any opportunity to get out and enjoy nature, we take it.  Regardless if it's fishing, or hunting, we don't think twice.  This past weekend was Eagle Day at the Nature Conservancy's Emiquon and Raptor Awareness in Havana, Illinois.

With great weather and the opportunity, this is something that we normal don't take advantage off, and this year we did.

Every guest was able to look through a high powered set of binoculars to view the bald eagles. 

Growing up, one can remember the awe inspiring moments of seeing a rare Bald Eagle.  Staff at Emiquon told us that in one day there were 229 Bald Eagle spotted.  WOW...  that's right 269.  In the time we were there we saw 6-8 of these magnificent creatures.  Whether we were watching waterfowl or just trying to spot a bald eagle, we had a great time. 

Bald Eagle resting in a nearby tree

Staff was there to answer any questions and guests were able to view a pheasant feather through a microscope.

Spotting a bald eagle on the lake

Comparing wingspans

Not only did we see bald eagles, we were able to watch thousands of migratory birds as well. 

The fun didn't stop there.  Across the river was Raptor Awareness in Havana.  People from around the area attended to learn about waterfowl, Asian Carp and of course the birds of prey.  

While these events are no longer taking place it's not to late to see these exquisite birds. Head over to Emiquon, bring some binoculars and enjoy nature at its finest.

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