Thursday, February 11, 2016

(HB 5978) Rifle Bill Proposed in Illinois for Deer Hunting

Rifle Bill Proposed in Illinois for Deer Hunting

Representative Brandon Phelps (Democrat of Harrisburg Illinois), Chairman of the Illinois Sportsmen's Caucus introduced HB5978.  He filed this bill on February 11, 2016.  


Rifle Bills
Amends the Wildlife Code. Provides that a rifle may be used in deer hunting if it has a bottleneck centerfire cartridge of .30 caliber or larger with a case length not exceeding 1.4 inches, or a straight-walled centerfire cartridge of .30 caliber or larger, both of which must be available as a factory load with the published ballistic tables of the manufacturer showing a capability of at least 500 foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. There is no case length limit for straight-walled cartridges on rifles. Provides that non-expanding, military-style full metal jacket bullets may not be used to harvest deer; only soft point or expanding bullets, including copper or copper-alloy rounds designed for hunting, are legal ammunition.

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Nice to see the news of Rifle Bill Proposed in Illinois for Deer Hunting. I trust by giving that a rifle might be utilized as a part of deer chasing. This will utilize just delicate point or extending slugs, including copper or copper-composite rounds intended for chasing, are legitimate ammo. Hopefully this will better for harvest and hunting. Thanks for share.