Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Recapping the Let's Go Fishing Show in Collinsville, Ilinois

Recapping the Let's Go Fishing Show in Collinsville, Illinois

This weekend was a busy one for a lot of fishing vendors in Illinois.  While the Muskie Show was going on in Northern Illinois, the Let's Go Fishing Show was going on in Collinsville, Illinois.  Yup, the Expo Season has begun.

I have attended this show for many years and always have a good time, however, this year there were some differences.  I noticed that there weren't as many fishing vendors around the expo floor this year and you could see an increase in the housing vendors. You know the gutter guys, the shoe insert people and there was even this booth selling really cool gear toys for kids. Although some things were interesting to look at, I didn't travel down to Collinsville to look at that stuff. 

Like so many other people, Capitol Outdoors heads to these expos in search of deals.  Did we find any? Yes, we did find a few.  Especially in the jig and plastic department.  Leisure Time Outdoors - had deals on all sorts of things.  Watch below as we interviewed one of their Pro Staffers and talk about their deals.

As we walked around we were able to meet some new people that are just as exciting about fishing as we are.  We walked by this booth and saw that it was a new invention released this year.  If you're always picking those cottonwood seeds out of your reel or tired of getting all that nasty seaweed off your line then this product is for you.  Watch as we interviewed Jared who told us all about the Gunk Stick

As we circled the Gateway Center again, probably for the 10th time,  we passed a booth that I had not seen yet that year.  This is why it's imperative to walk around the shows a few times.    At this booth I had the opportunity to talk John Harbison, plant manager and lure designer for Brush Haw Bait and Tackle Company.  I got to see firsthand some of their spinners and jigs.  Let's say I'll be ordering some.

Meeting new people is always a fun time.  However, several years ago we met a father and son  company here at the Let's Go Fishing Show.  It's amazing how far this company has come.  If you're into crappie fishing you need to buy some BrushPile Jigs.  Watch as the next generation is preparing to take over the fishing industry.  With gentlemen like this in our sport, our passion and hobby is in good hands.  

 Regardless if you fish for bass, crappie or whatever is biting on that day, make sure to check out these great companies.  There were many other booths and vendors at this show, but we couldn't cover them all.  Check back next year for more interviews and specials. 

Remember Enjoy the Outdoors, Good Luck and Stay Safe

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