Monday, February 20, 2017

Family Adventure in February

Family Adventure in February 

Call it global warming, call it whatever you would like.  If you weren't outside this past weekend, let me tell you, you missed out on a record breaking weekend.  Not for fish, number of birds surveyed or whatever but for record temperatures. Like many of you we spent our weekend outside enjoying the beautiful crisp winter air. Even though it felt like spring, it's still winter. We were taking care of yard work, all the things that you would do on a normal spring weekend. However, those chores didn't stop us from enjoying our passion.

Like so many others that were out at Jim Edgar Panther Creek, whether in their boats, hiking or picnicing we enjoyed the sights, smells and sounds showing that spring is just around the corner. No trip out to a state park is complete unless you bring your fishing pole. From 38 to 42 degree water temps fishing was tough but that didn't matter because of just how beautiful the weather was.  Bouncing around from lake to lake and spot to spot, we kept ending up short. Finally, we hooked into one.  It wasn't a biggin' or a world record fish but it was a bass in open water in February in Illinois. 

What was also great about this weekend, was that the family was able to tag along to enjoy what they like about the outdoors. It was great to watch them walk along the shore as I fished and they were also there to cheer me on as I caught the only fish of the day. However, what really made this weekend was not the weather or the fish or the idea of open water fishing in February, it was sharing a memory that will last a lifetime.  They say to start people young in the outdoors so that they grow up loving it.

Autumn has been surrounded by the outdoors for the last 10 months of her short life.  As I landed my fish I called Heather  over so that I could get a picture with Autumn.  My little girl was so fascinated by the fish that I wanted her to hold it, not thinking that she would actually do it.  With little hesitation, she grabbed in awe of the texture of the teeth and slime of the fish. Could this be the start of something bigger? First Female Bassmaster Champion in Training?  Only time will tell. 

Remember Enjoy the Outdoors, Good Luck and Stay Safe

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