Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Legislative Wrap Up for First Section of 100th General Assembly

Legislative Wrap-up for First Year of 100th General Assembly

The legislative deadline for the first year of the 100th G.A. (May 31st) has come and gone.  This year, the general assembly was focused on major reforms to try and combat the budget deficit and ultimately pass a budget.

The political back and forth and blame game continued throughout the session and no real reform happened and unfortunately this state is still without a budget.

Speaker Madigan has called for continuous session throughout the summer in an attempt to pass a budget before the June 30th deadline. 

In between all the budget discussions, there were in fact some hunting and fishing bills that made it through both chambers and now sit on the Governor's desk.    

If you would like more information on each bill, click on the link.

Bills that passed both chambers:

There are still some major hot button issues that sit in either chamber to be potentially voted on. Such as the Bobcat Prohibition Bill, Lead Ammunition Ban and the Crossbow Hunting bill

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