Saturday, August 19, 2017

Illinois Governor Signs Four Hunting/Fishing Related Bills

Yesterday, the Governor signed four hunting/fishing related bills:

  • HB 2685-Green Hides 
    • Amends the Wildlife Code. Provides that except as provided in the Code, it is unlawful to have in his or her possession the green hides of fur bearing mammals without a valid hunting or trapping license.  Learn More
  • HB 3093-Electronic Licenses
    • Amends the Wildlife Code. Defines "hunting license" as an electronic or physical license authorizing the person to take a certain type of animal during a specified period of time. Effective immediately. Learn More
  • HB 3272- Commercial Fishing 
    • A Department of Natural Resources initiative  providing that all trout, including lake trout, salmon, and lake whitefish may not be taken by commercial fishing devices, including gill or pound net. Learn More
  • HB 3273- Lake Michigan Fishing
    • Provides that the Department of Natural Resources may issue a maximum of 5 commercial fishing licenses for taking from the Illinois waters of Lake Michigan yellow perch, bloater chub, and other commercial fish species designated by Department rule. Learn More
There are still two bills that we are waiting for Governor Action on:

He has until the end of September (60 days from when he was sent them) to either Veto
or Sign them or they become law. 

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