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Bear the Cold for Eagle Days On Feb. 3, 2018

There's nothing quite like watching an eagle, thousands of snow geese and other waterfowl, through a lens at over 500 yards away.  Over the last few years we've had the opportunity to attend Eagle Days.  If you've got cabin fever, and let's be honest in February, it's cold, so who wouldn't want to get out of the house.  Well, you need to get in the car and head to Fulton Mason Eagle Day.  It's jammed packed and lots of fun for the entire family!  Read about our first Eagle Day
Observing some of nature's beautiful waterfowl at Emiquon on Eagle Days

I still remember being a kid and seeing my first Bald Eagle.  My dad was excited, I was excited, it was an overly exciting moment.  Growing up you didn't see many, however, with conservation efforts a rare glimpse has now become a day of celebration. Come on down and join others to catch a glimpse of bald eagles, and other birds of prey along the Illinois river.

Join us for the annual Fulton-Mason Eagle Day event.  Activities include live raptor programs, hands-on activities and crafts for kids, and bird watching in various locations in Lewistown and Havana, Illinois.  The event is free and for all ages.  Visit for an event schedule and program locations.   
Fulton-Mason Eagle Day

Saturday, February 3, 2018

9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

This is a community event where members far and wide helped through sponsorship.  If you get the opportunity to attend please make sure to thank them.  Without their help and the many volunteers, events like these would not exist.

Sponsored by the City of Lewistown, Forbes Biological Station, Havana Jaycees, Illinois River Biological Station, Illinois State Museum-Dickson Mounds, Therkildsen Field Station at Emiquon, The Nature Conservancy, USFWS Illinois River Refuges Complex, and Lewistown Chamber of Commerce.  Activities and displays contributed by the Astoria High School’s Environmental Club, Emiquon Audoban, Fulton County Arts Council, Havana Park District, Illinois River Scenic Byway, University of Illinois Extension’s Master Naturalists, and USFWS Carterville FWCP Wilmington Substation. 

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