Monday, January 8, 2018

Illinois Department of Natural Resources Continues with Controlled Pheasant Season Extension.

Hunting for us here at Capitol  Outdoors usually consists of waders, decoys and all the rest of the equipment that is involved in a successful waterfowl hunt.  However, this year we've taken a new course.  Several years ago we got Linc, our red Labrador retriever.  After several waterfowl hunts I began to realize something, Linc is not a waterfowl dog.  His drive and determination pushes him and he is an amazing upland game dog and his personality fits this extremely well.

You could imagine my excitement when the Illinois Department of Natural Resources decided to extend the controlled pheasant season.  Granted this had been done in the past but, each year is a little different and I'm excited that they decided to do it again.  Below you'll see the three parks where they decided to extend this season.  

Controlled Pheasant Seasons Extended at Three IDNR Sites

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is extending controlled pheasant hunting seasons at three IDNR sites. Hunters can make reservations now for additional hunting opportunities.

The three sites with additional controlled pheasant hunting are Eldon Hazlet State Recreation Area in Clinton County, Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area in Cass County, and Wayne Fitzgerrell State Recreation Area in Franklin and Jefferson Counties. The controlled pheasant hunting season at each site has been extended through January 28.

Hunters are encouraged to use the online Controlled Pheasant Hunting Reservation System at to obtain permits for these additional hunt dates. Reserved permits ensure hunters will have the opportunity to hunt. Hunters using reserved permits also ensure that site staff on these sites can release two pheasants per hunter each day, which is the Department’s objective for pheasants released on each hunt date. Standby permits are also available at the sites, although standby hunting opportunities may be limited or unavailable if the hunter quota for a hunt date is filled by reserved permit hunters.

To access the reservation system:
1. Click on "Hunt/Trap" on the toolbar on the IDNR Home Page
2. Then click on “Upland Game”
3. Then click on "Controlled Pheasant Hunting Permits, Hunting Areas, Regs, etc." under the “Licenses and permits” heading

Hunters are reminded that the daily permit fee for controlled pheasant hunting is $30 for resident hunters and $35 for nonresident hunters. The daily permit fee applies to each hunter. Reserved Permits are paid for via credit card during the application process. Completing a permit reservation online can be accomplished as late as 24 hours before an available hunt date, and securing a permit takes less than five minutes. Standby hunters pay daily permit fees at the site hunter check station on the hunt date. Standby hunters need to be prepared to pay permit fees with cash.

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