Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Beaver Dam and Horseshoe Lake Archery Application Due at the end of March

While many of us are thinking about trout fishing or hitting the hiking trail, archery deer hunters who wish to hunt at Beaver Dam or Horseshoe Lake need to think about the upcoming season.  Applications are due at the end of March, so don't delay.  This is a great opportunity.  

Archery Deer Applications for Beaver Dam/Horseshoe Lake

PLAINVIEW, IL – Archery deer hunting applications are available through March 30 for the special drawings at Beaver Dam State Park, Carlinville, and through March 31 for the special drawings at Horseshoe Lake State Park, Granite City for the 2018-19 Illinois Archery Deer Hunting Season. Hunters can obtain an application either online or from park offices to apply. Site-specific applications will offer nine weekly intervals at Horseshoe Lake State Park and 11 weekly intervals at Beaver Dam State Park. Applicants must prioritize their hunting weeks and will be selected randomly in a lottery drawing.

Beaver Dam State Park (Macoupin Co.) offers approximately 450 acres of hunting area. The hunting area consists predominately of upland hardwood forested acres with an interspersion of cropland and grassland. Horseshoe Lake State Park (Madison Co.) offers an estimated 600 acres of hunting area, which consists of small to medium size woodlots surrounded by cropland and grassland components. There are two separate areas open to archery deer hunting at Horseshoe Lake State Park (Bend Road or Walker’s Island). Follow the links to the Hunter Fact Sheets on the IDNR website to obtain the archery deer site applications:


Goode’s Woods Nature Preserve, a 40-acre woodland nature preserve located in northern Macoupin Co. and a satellite area of Beaver Dam State Park, will allow one archery hunter per week. Thirteen total weeks will be available for archery deer hunting this area. Bohm Woods Nature Preserve, a 90-acre site located in Madison Co., and a satellite area of Horseshoe Lake State Park, will allow two archery hunters per week. Thirteen total weeks will also be available for archery deer hunting at Bohm Woods. Follow the links to the Hunter Fact Sheets to obtain the archery deer hunting site applications:


Drawings will be held on the first working day in April (April 2) at each site. All areas (Beaver Dam State Park, Goode’s Woods Nature Preserve, Horseshoe Lake State Park and Bohm Woods Nature Preserve) require the harvest of an antlerless deer prior to harvesting an antlered deer. Archery deer hunting for people with disabilities is also available at Beaver Dam State Park through a reservation system to hunt from an accessible blind location.

For more information or to pick up an application, contact Beaver Dam State Park, 14548 Beaver Dam Lane Plainview, IL 62685, phone 217-854-8020; or, Horseshoe Lake State Park, 3321 Highway 111, Granite City, IL 62040, phone 618-931- 0270.

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