Saturday, April 28, 2018

Week of April 23, 2018 - Illinois 100th General Assembly Legislative Update

Capitol Outdoors

Both the House and Senate were busy in their respective chambers this week.  Below you will see the action taken on the outdoor related bills we are following. Click on each link to read more about each bill.


Agriculture Committee Action:

HB 5293 - Endangered Species FA #1 (Adopted 13-0-0)

  • Amended to change to one member of the Endangered Species Board shall be a landowner representing the State's largest general farm organization.

HOUSE Floor:
HB 5440 - Youth Hunting (Passed 108-0-0)
  • Provides the the fee for resident and non-resident youth archery deer permit shall be the same. 
    • For example, out of state family under the age of 18 would be able to hunt for the same cost as a resident youth of the State of Illinois. 
Capitol OutdoorsSENATE

Agriculture Committee Action 

SB 2493 - Deer Feed FA#1 (Passed 8-0-0)
  • Creates a two year study on supplemental feeding of deer. University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in consultation with the DNR will conduct the study. 
    • DNR is neutral on the bill as a pilot program. 
Senate Floor:

SB 2295- FISHING LICENSES (Passed Senate 52-0-0)
  • Allows for electronic fishing and combo licenses. 
SB 2962 - RIVER OTTER LIMIT (Passed Senate 43-1-0)
  • Allows the DNR to manage the River Otter population by allowing the department to set the limit based on research. 
SB 2963 - TRAPPING TAGS (Passed Senate 44-0-0)
  • Currently trappers are required to put their name and address on their traps. This bill would allow trappers to use their DNR Customer # instead for privacy reasons.
Be sure to check back often so that you can stay informed from the Legislative Floors to the Great Outdoors! 

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