Monday, August 20, 2018

How to get a Hook Out of Your Hand - The Tip Every Angler Should Know

Splash, my lure hit the water and I began cranking the reel.  My buddy Matt and I were working some baits through weeds when  "WHAM"...

"Got one" I said.  

"Is it a good one?"Matt asked.  

"Feels like it" I responded.
This is the point where the big bass of the day comes jumping out of the water.  We shouted and our hearts started racing. Since it was a day of fun fishing the net was still put, Matt went to reach for it when the mood suddenly changed 180.

"Ummm I have a hook in my hand" he said. 

"Are you going to get the net? "I said.  I was still focused on the 5 plus pounder I had on the line that I didn't even listen to him. 

"No, I have a hook in my hand and it's way past the barb dude!" he answered. 

I ended up landed the fish with no net and put it in the box.  I had to get a picture of this biggin!  I turned to Matt and that's when I realized we were in a little bit of trouble.  

There are two morals of this story. 

First and foremost.  I forgot one of the golden rules in fishing.  Put your lures away right away once you're down with them.  If I were to have done this, the incident would not have happened. 

Second:  Accidents happen and it's times like this ,you'll need to know what to do.  There are many hook removal videos out there and many of you may know the trick already.   Regardless, this is something you need to watch several times.  I had watched this video before and luckily knew what to do and it saved us a trip to the ER. 

After looking at several videos on how to remove hooks I choose these two.  The first is to show you that even the pros get hooked and the second is just a good instructional video.

Thanks to videos like this we successfully removed the hook out of Matt's hand and managed to salvage our day of fishing.

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