Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fall Wrap-up of the Illinois High School Bass Fishing League

Earlier this summer Capitol Outdoors was informed about a bass tournament league that was formed to give high school anglers a true series to compete in. This isn't your average bass fishing league.  In it's second year, it has seen some major sticks compete in the series.  Below you'll see a wrap up by John Whelan on this fall season.  


Fall Wrap-up

The Illinois High School Bass Fishing League, closed out its fall series this past Sunday (September 30, 2018) on Clinton Lake, the fall series consisted of three tournaments, that teams fished accumulating points to determine a overall series Champion, the series brought together some of the very best High School teams in the state, several State Champion teams and anglers with National level experience battled it out.
The series got started on Aug 26th on Lake Decatur, 5 limits were brought to the scales 55 fish were caught for 99 pounds, on a lake that's known to be stingy with its Bass, 3rd place went to the Central A&M team of Austin Sloan and Connor Hutchins with 9.8 pounds, second went to the Sandwich High School team of Garrett Beatty and Dexter Wesson with 10.5 pounds, and 1st went to Plainfield South High School Aiden Bollinger and Justin Maltia with 11.3 pounds,

The series moved to Clinton Lake on Sep 16 for round two, where 63 bass for 148 pounds were caught, a 14 inch limit was set, only 3 fish needed to be bumped which were all over the tournament 14 inch rule, the rest were over Clinton's normal 16 inch limit, 3rd place went to Unity's High school team of Clayton Cokley and Trey Brann 11.7 pounds, 2nd went to Darin Birge from Champaign Central with 12.2 pounds, 1st went to the Central A&M team Austin Sloan and Connor Hutchins with 12.10 pounds.

The third and final tournament that decided a overall champion from a very tight field battling for the overall was set for the "Clash on Clinton" Sep 30th, a cold front moved through the day before, changing a lot of teams strategy, even though the fishing was off from the previous tournament, teams battled and caught 33 bass for 86 pounds. the team of Connor Joseph and Billy Williams of Peoria Notre Dame placed 3rd with 9.6 pounds, 2nd went to Mt Zion High School Ashton Nielson and Luke Lindgren with 9.14 pounds, and 1st was the Chatham Glenwood High school team of Kale Tish and Cole Lang with 14.6 pounds.

The Series Champion was Central A&M Connor Hutchins and Austin Sloan, with finishes of 3rd, 1st and 8th with a overall score of 12 points, runner up was Mt Zions Ashton Nielson and Luke Lindgren with finishes of 9th, 6th and 2nd with a score of 17 points.

151 Bass were weighed in, all 151 were released alive back in to the water, I would like to congratulate all the anglers and coaches for taking great care of their catch, through out the series.

Each tournaments winning team angler received Pro-Staff offer from Dixieland Tackle, along with 1st-3rd receiving, Lews rods and reels, Maxima line, Solar Bat Sunglasses, Dixieland tackle, Scheels Gift Cards, Overall Champions received Denali Rods and Rayjus Custom Jerseys, plus a Dixieland tackle Pro-staff offer, the winning team had already received a Pro-Staff offer for their 1st place win in round two, so the runner up team of Mt Zions Ashton Nielson and Luke Lindgren received the Dixieland Tackle Pro-Staff offer.

Thank you to all the Anglers and Coaches that stepped up to the challenge of the fall series, the strong competition that each team brought to the series, made it a great series to be part of, i'm working on plans for a spring series, and already receiving conformation from teams wanting to compete
I would like to thank Scheels in Springfield, Denali Rods, Maxima Line, Solar Bat Sunglasses, Dixieland Tackle, Lews, Decatur Conference Center and Hotel, Lake Decatur Staff, for all their help in making this series happen

John Whalen at

1.Central A&M 12pts, 
2. Mt Zion team2 17pts 
3. Chatham Glenwood 24pts 
4.Champaign Central team1 24pts 
6. Newwark 26pts
6. Sandwich team1 26pts 
7. Tremont 30pts 
8. Father McGivney 32pts 
8. Gardner South 32pts 
8. Plainfield South team1 32pts 
8. Unity team1 32pts 
9. Champaign Central team3 33pts 
10. Warrensburg Latham 34pts 
11. Decatur St Teresa 36pts
12. Normal Community 38pts 
13. Glenbrook South 40pts 
13. Peoria Notre Dame 40pts 
14. Bement 44pts 
14. Champaign Central team2 44pts 
14. Mt Zion team4 44pts 
14. Sandwich team2 44pts 
15. Unity team2 50pts
16. Mt Zion team1 52pts 
16. Plainfield South team3 52pts

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