Wednesday, February 28, 2018

IDNR Announces 2018 Wingshooting Schedule

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), in cooperation with its partners and co-sponsors, will conduct wingshooting clinics at sites throughout Illinois from March through mid-November. 

The clinics provide instruction and help improve the shooting skills for both beginners and experienced hunters. Most clinics are conducted on weekends at IDNR sites, cooperating gun clubs and shooting ranges, hunting preserves, and farms.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

IDNR to Hold Wingshooting Clinics at Jim Edgar Panther Creek

While many of us are thinking about flipping logs or holding a stringer of crappie the IDNR has will been thinking of ways to get wingshooters outside.  This spring and summer the IDNR will be holding two wingshooting clinics at Jim Edgar Panther Creek.  These two events cover the wide range of shooting skill levels.  Below you'll find some information regarding these two events.

There are two IDNR Wingshooting Clinics scheduled at the Jim Edgar Panther Creek (JEPC) SF&WA this spring and early summer. The first is a Hunters Wingshooting Clinic on Saturday and Sunday, April 7-8th. The registration instructions and forms for this clinic can be accessed on the IDNR Wingshooting Website located on the internet at:

The instructions and forms for both clinics can be accessed on the Wingshooting Website by clicking on the Calendar and then clicking on the underlined dates for the JEPC Hunters Wingshooting Clinic or the JEPC Youth/Women’s Wingshooting Clinic.

Hunters wingshooting clinics are conducted in the area of the hand trap shooting range at JEPC on a sporting clays course with clay target presentations designed to represent actual hunting scenarios. Hunters and clay target shooters with novice thru advanced wingshooting skills are encouraged to attend. After a short safety briefing at the JEPC Hunter Check Station Bldg., each group of participants (typically four) spends the morning or afternoon each day shooting the sporting clays course accompanied by a certified wingshooting instructor. As noted in the attached instructions, bring 6-8 boxes (150-200 shotshells) and spend a session enhancing your wingshooting skills. If you like to shoot a shotgun, hunters wingshooting clinics are really fun!

The second JEPC Wingshooting Clinic will be held on Saturday and Sunday, June 9-10th. This clinic is a Youth/Women’s Wingshooting Clinic for participants either just beginning to learn about shotgun shooting or with novice shotgun shooting skills. Registration instructions and forms are attached and can also be accessed on the IDNR Wingshooting Website (see first paragraph above). Shooting students must be at least 10 years old, and shooting students must also be at least 4 feet 6 inches tall and weigh 75 pounds to participate. Boys 16-18 must be in the beginning or novice shooting skill range. Girls 10 and older meeting the minimum height and weight requirements and women of all ages are eligible to attend. Youth/Women’s Wingshooting Clinic are free to participants, begin with a thorough firearm safety presentation at the JEPC Hunter Check Station Bldg., and include lunch for participants. Taught by IDNR and National Sporting Clays Assoc. certified wingshooting instructors, youth/women’s wingshooting clinics are a wonderful way for shooting students to learn firearm safety protocols, to learn correct shotgun shooting fundamentals, and to learn how to hit a moving clay target successfully.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Illinois 100th General Assembly Hunting and Fishing Related Legislation 2018

The second year of the 100th GA has begun with legislators filing new bills left and right.  Below you will see a list of all the new pieces of legislation related to hunting and fishing.

Governor Rauner Releases Proposed Fiscal Year 2019 Illinois Department of Natural Resource Budget

Bills filed in 2018
HB 4231 - Blaze Pink Clothing - Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4487 - Funding State Parks through Lottery Game - Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4585-ROCK RIVER-CATFISH- Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4592 -$DNR-SNOWMOBILES- Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4714 - Deer Hunting - Air Guns - Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4759 - Wildlife - Duck Blind or Pit - Illinois 100th General Assembly
HB 4783 and SB 2663 - Wildlife - Youth Hunt/Trap - Illinois 100th General Assembly