Monday, May 7, 2018

Outdoor Events During the Month of May 2018

A variety of outdoor and cultural experiences are listed in this months IDNR Newsbits.

IDNR Newbits – May 2018

Firearm Deer Permit Applications: Resident and non-resident deer hunters can apply for the second lottery drawing for 2018 Illinois Firearm Deer and Muzzleloader-only Deer permits. The deadline to apply for the second lottery is June 30. For more information, check the IDNR website at

Mushroom Collecting: Reminder to mushroom collectors – no license is required, but mushroom collectors must have landowner permission and, on public sites, must adhere to approved collecting regulations and hours. Collection of mushrooms is allowed at many IDNR sites, but it is prohibited in any area designated as a dedicated nature preserve. Areas under the jurisdiction of the IDNR that offer spring turkey hunting are not open to mushroom collecting until after 1 p.m. daily during the spring turkey season to ensure the safety of all site visitors. Be sure to call ahead to the state site you intend to visit to learn of any site-specific regulations regarding mushroom collecting.

A Reminder to Leave Young Wildlife Alone

While the majority of you that are reading this article probably already know not to mess with young that look helpless.  However, there are still some that pick up and keep young wildlife.  Here is a reminder from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  

Spring Breeding Season Reminder: Leave Young Wildlife Alone

It is Against the Law to Keep Wildlife as Pets

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is reminding Illinois citizens to leave baby birds and wild animals alone.

Spring brings flowers and abundance of new wildlife.  

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Illinois Bowfishing Comes Back to Des Plaines State Fish and Wildlife Area for Festival and Conservation Shoot

What a great opportunity to get the family involved in the outdoors.  Take a look at the press release from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  The Illinois Bowfishing Festival will be held on May 19 at Des Plaines SFWA.

Illinois Bowfishing Festival and Conservation Shoot Set for May 19 at Des Plaines SFWA

WILMINGTON, IL – Illinois’ Bowfishing Festival and Conservation Shoot at the Des Plaines State Fish and Wildlife Area boat access area is scheduled for Saturday, May 19.