Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Illinois Trout Fishing Tips

Illinois Trout Fishing Tips

The 2014 Trout season was a spectacular one.  Capitol Outdoors went and recorded our adventure at South Wind Park.  You can check it out here (Trout Fishing at Southwind Park Springfield, S2E3) With 46 different sites to choose from in Illinois:  we've decided to go to Gridley Lake in Cass County this year. Below you can see what we use.

Before we show you how to trout fish. Check out the Illinois Fishing Information booklet 2016. This will tell you what you need to stay legal in the field.

Now, lets talk some fishing.  This is all what we recommend.  If you fish for the inland trout what do you use.  Share you knowledge and help people enjoy the great outdoors.  

Rod & Reel:
  • We recommend that you use a light or a ultra light rod with six pound test.
  • For every person who fishes there is another who says that their bait works the best. We use the Berkley Power Bait already in the pellet form.  At the store there is a wide variety of colors to pick from, but we use the redish/pink and the neon green ones. We have found that it's not so much about the color as it is the pellet form. 
  • The stores will also sell it in a paste where you are able to make the pellet yourself. But, let us tell you it's really messy and the size never seems to get right. 
Hooks & Weights:
  • Size 16 treble hook. These hooks are hard to find so look early. They fit perfectly into the nugget and conceal the hook entirely. This size hook also allows your bait to float. As for your weights we recommend a size 3 or 4. Place the weight 12 - 18 inches from your hook. 
Once you cast into the water elevate your rod onto something and tighten the string, leaving no slack. Sit back and wait for the bites.  Watch for slack in your lines and your rod tip for movement.