Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stretching Those Legs

This past weekend, we took Lincoln out for multiple reasons; he needed to explore new things and he needed to stretch those puppy legs. The weather was great and we wanted to get out and check how the lakes in our area we’re doing and Lincoln just couldn’t resist getting in to test the water.

Lincoln has one season of waterfowl hunting under his belt and he still has many things to work on. This season, he retrieved several birds and did so with such determination and drive. This season it wasn’t so much his drive and determination that he needed to work on, but his steadiness in the blind. During those lull moments when there are no birds in sight, all he did was cry out in desperation for that next bird to fall from the sky so he could jump in and get it.

At home, he went from a pup, running around the house barking at anything and everything to a loveable, trainable companion. This coming weekend we will be starting the next phase of our training with Lincoln, getting ready for the next hunting season. We look forward to seeing that drive and determination this upcoming season all while watching him retrieve those birds with wonder in his eyes every single time.

Remember Enjoy the Outdoors Good Luck and Stay Safe -
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