Monday, July 27, 2015

Our 2015 Illinois Duck Blind Drawing

Our 2015 Illinois Duck Blind Drawing

Sanganois Duck
Passing hundreds of cars and people to drawing site
For duck and goose hunters across the State of Illinois, waterfowl  season started this weekend.  Thousands attended state park sites to enter  their name in a drawing in hopes to win a blind for the 2015-2016 hunting season.  For Capitol Outdoors and for countless others it's not so much about winning the blind, as it is about breaking the ice for the upcoming season. Tradition, that what it's really all about, food, stories, and reuniting with hunting buddies.
Sanganois Duck Blind Drawing
While at these sites you'll hear the honks and quacks of individuals looking to buy new calls from local call companies, you'll smell BBQ chicken, duck and brats on grill and maybe even win something in one of the many raffles.   Organizations set up booths to get the chance to talk and promote their product or cause to anyone willing to listen.
Mazonia State Fish and WIldlife Area
There is no better way to enter the waterfowl community then to go to a blind drawing near you.  You meet new people every year and can introduce amateur waterfowl hunters to the 'scene'.   It's not about whether you win or lose... but it is!  And this year we didn't win a blind.  That is public hunting for you.   After a couple years of losing, you start blaming other people.  They didn't shake up the tickets, its rigged and the excuses go on.  All in good fun.

Did you attend a drawing?  Comment below and share your moments with us.

Remember Enjoy the Outdoors Good Luck and Stay Safe -
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