Sunday, August 30, 2015

Illinois Bait Shops - Big Red's Bait and Tackle

Springfield, Illinois bait Shop

Illinois Bait Shops - Big Red's Bait and Tackle

As we talked a steady stream of phone calls and customers came in to Big Red's on Stevenson Drive in Springfield, Illinois.  "I've been in business for eight years and I'm the only shop that's left here in Springfield."  Owner Trevor Miller said.  Before all the other local bait shops closed up, there was a friendly relationship among the owners. "Now its just me and the big box stores". he continued.    Located just a few minutes down the road from Lake Springfield, most of Miller's customers head out to Sangchris.  "Many of my customers call me once they leave the lake to inform me about the action." he said.

This wasn't our first time at Big Red's, we've been there before we have headed out to either Sangchris or Lake Springfield.  "Even though I've been here for eight years many people don't know I have a shop" Miller said. Like many of his customers, we found Big Red's Bait and Tackle by accident.  It has an abundance of crappie, catfish and bass equipment for all level anglers.  You can find live bait and he also has a collection of old rod and reels, which are cool to look at.  

What makes Big Red's so different?  Well, we've been to all the stores that carry fishing gear in Springfield and  Big Red's carries items that no other store carries.  "I have to carry other tackle and our prices have to be lower then the big stores because of the competition factor" Miller said.
If you fish around Springfield then you may know some of the local entrepreneurs that are trying to make a go at selling fishing gear.  That's what makes Big Red's so different.  We've all heard the line "Shop Local First", well, Trevor Miller practices this.  In fact, you can call it Local Helps Local.  While we were there Bob, from Bob's Handcrafted Stanky Cheesy Bait, stopped in.   It was great to see the local comradery between businesses.

 Honest and humble, Trevor Miller recommends what works.  He's not going to sell you something the fish aren't hitting.  So when you go in there pay attention to what he says.  It will help you out on the lake.  "When I first started carrying the Stanky Cheese Bait, I didn't really push it.  But then the photos started coming in and now its easier for me to push this local product".  Miller emphasized.

Capitol Outdoors and Big Red's Bait and Tackle  So the next time you're on your way out to the lake let's help out a local business and the last local bait shop in Springfield.  You won't find better customer service then at Big Red's.  The information and tackle here are exactly what any angler is looking for when they go into a bait shop.  Make sure to give him a like on Facebook, to show your support and check out all the newest local catches.

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