Friday, December 30, 2016

Elk Killed in Illinois by Hunter in Macoupin County...Seriously.

Elk Killed in Illinois by Hunter in Macoupin County...Seriously.

Let's pretend we're sitting around a campfire talking hunting and fishing, when someone says did you hear about the guy who shot an elk with a long bow here in Illinois?  It's OK if you laugh at first, but, it's true.

How often do you hear of a elk being shot in Illinois? Wisconsin or Michigan sure but, not Illinois.  It's my first time hearing about it so I want to share it with you.   Frank Link of Carlinville has harvested an elk.  Before anyone starts questioning the legality of it, it's OK to harvest an elk because there's no season or special protection like apex predators (wolves, bears, etc).  Just make sure there's no tag in its ear to identify it as a farm-raised animal.  That information came from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources spokesperson.  

Does this mean that elk are back in Illinois.  It is unlikely, however talk of elk around Coffeen Lake and Beaver Dam State Park has it that there are a few running around.  Most likely these animals escaped from a farm.

This is a great story and highly recommend you read the article from the BenGil Post.  It talks about how Frank tracked and used his traditional bow to harvest this estimated 600 pound animal.

So how about you... have you seen any elk running around in the woods?

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