Sunday, November 12, 2017

An Illinois Waterfowl Story - When the Work Pays Off

Anyone who is passionate about something has put their blood, sweat and tears into it, regardless of what that is.  As waterfowl hunters we have the ability to harvest a wide range of species, from the beautiful wood-duck to the ever-elusive snow goose.  While chasing waterfowl, you'll bleed, you'll sweat, but you'll continue to put in the hard work.

Check out Cam's first hunt with Capitol Outdoors
For over a decade our Pro-staffer Cam Somerfield has been hard at work as a waterfowl hunter, looking for the mixed bag, but in many cases coming home with just his bag of decoys.  While, most of my hunting this year at Capitol Outdoors will be upland game, Cam has had the ability to waterfowl hunt both private and public ground in Central Illinois. The time, effort and energy that he has put in on both private and public grounds has not yielded the returns he would have liked, until this year.

You see, waterfowl hunting isn't like what you see on TV.  In fact, what you see on TV, weather it be hunting or fishing, is not portrayed accurately.  The thing with waterfowl hunters is that they get up super early and head to the blind, in hopes of a day jammed packed with birds cupped out all day, and flocks and flocks overhead. However, at the end of the day you usually fall short of your limit and come home with just stories.  This year Cam reached a few of his personal goals while in the field.  He bagged his first wood-duck and his first green head. 

Cam with his first wood duck

Capitol Outdoors is proud to have Cam on our pro-staff, someone who understands that hunting isn't about the kills but rather everything that goes into the experience.  He understands that an informed and more knowledgeable hunter makes a better hunter.

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