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New Illinois Outdoor Legislation Regarding Hunting and Fishing effective January 1, 2018

During the first year of the 100th General Assembly talks were mostly about the budget, however there were some hunting and fishing related bills that passed.   Below you will find those that are effective January 1, 2018.  One of the major bills that passed this General Assembly was the Crossbow bill, however that became effective immediately, so we did not include that and others that had an immediate effective date.  If you would like to learn more about these, click here.

The second year of this General Assembly might be slow going until after the March primary then you may see things start picking up again.  However, as in every election year there may be hot button issues brought up to get that recorded vote or both chambers will be quiet and contend to only issues of less controversy, only time will tell.  Be sure and follow us as we keep you informed from the Legislative Floors to the Great Outdoors.

Bills Effective January 1, 2018

Licensing Change for DNR 
Public Act 100-256 - House Bill 2028

The Illinois DNR is changing the expiration date for certain licenses to make all licenses expire on the same date.  This effect will change the expiration date of about thirteen different licenses to March 31.  The following are some of the licenses that will have their expiration dates changed; wholesale aquatic life dealer licenses, mussel dealer permits, minnow dealer licenses, taxidermist licenses and daily fee fishing area licenses.

Sale of Plant Material
Public Act 100-61 - House Bill 2488

Allows the Illinois DNR to sell plants and plant materials to government agencies and institutions, organized groups or individuals for special conservation plantings, research plantings, educational purposes and commemorative plantings but shall be sold at a price approximately equal to the cost of acquisition or production and distribution (rather than without charge).

Wildlife Trapping - Green Hides
Public Act 100-123 - House Bill 2685

This piece of legislation updates regulations so that current procedures are used to ensure that our natural resources are managed properly.  Trappers are now able to retain furs for more than 20 days after the season ends.  It will help Illinois Fur Harvesters have the same advantages as surrounding states.

Commercial Fishing Regulations 
Public Act 100-168 - House Bill 3272

Gives the DNR more control over the commercial fishing in Lake Michigan by allowing them to manage  trout, lake trout, salmon and lake whitefish based on their scientific research and the needs of the fishery.

Lake Michigan Commercial License
Public Act 100-169, House Bill 3273

States that the DNR may issue a maximum of 5 commercial fishing licenses for taking from the Illinois waters of Lake Michigan yellow perch, bloater chub, and other commercial fish species designated by Department rule.

The second year of the General Assembly starts on January 23rd for the House and January 30th for the Senate.  The Governor's State of the State address will be on January 31st, you can watch that here

Make sure to follow along with us as we keep you informed from the Legislative Floors to the Great Outdoors. 

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